Pera Maraya is the result of a creative initiative of two partners, Executive Chef José Sánchez and Mixologist Richard Martínez, who believe in skills, quality, attention to detail and experience. With only six months in operation, this intimate establishment, spotted in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico, relishes a warm ambiance with a great and attentive service promoting an International Nouveau Cuisine & Cocktail Bar.

The main characteristic of the restaurant is the use of fresh, local and seasonal ingredients in its cuisine and cocktails, since the main focus of the Executive Chef and the Mixologist is to preserve the flavor and aroma, in both kitchen and bar. The manifestation of art in the execution is noticeable when you receive each plate and  drink, definitely not only great taste, you can actually perceive the colors of the ingredients in the presentation.

Only one visit to this attractive and friendly restaurant will be enough to make you believe that simplicity, great vision and impeccable skills, are all excellent qualities to create the perfect place, where anyone can enjoy, more than once, the sublimity of a great dish and an even better cocktail hand in hand, that is indeed the meaning of a Liquid Gastronomy.

First Course: Tuna with salt and pepper, cucumber and pita bread, avocado mousse and sesame seeds on top and the Dashi’s broth. The idea for this dish is to cut and blend everything, tuna, cucumber through the Dashi broth and make an open sandwich with the pita bread, exquisite and unique.

First Cocktail: Lady Gray macerated cucumber, fig marmalade, lavender syrup, lime, mint bitter and Bourbon.
A very aromatic and refreshing drink with bitter dry notes.

Second Course: Roasted tomato, fried herbs batter eggplant​, green Zucchini, yellow Zucchini with a fresh made pomodoro sauce and a drizzle of olive oil. A deconstructed version of Ratatouille, where the chef used different cooking methods, the vegetables are separate, fried the herbs batter eggplant, roasted tomato, the yellow and green zucchini were cooked in Sous Vide and pomodoro sauce. The idea for eating the dish was to take each vegetable and dip them in the pomodoro sauce.

Second Cocktail: Cranberry Summer Smash fresh cranberries, ginger syrup, aperitif called Aperol infused in chili, lemon, and Gin. Another aromatic and refreshing cocktail to counteract the spices of the accompany dish.

Third Course: Pig in a Blanket. Smoked pork sausage wrap in honey almond phyllo dough, grilled Granny Smith apple slice and beer syrup. The balance is between sour, sweet and salty.

Fourth Course: Homemade sweet potato Waffle top with slow cooked short rib in Port wine and the sauce is a reduction of the Port wine where the meat was cook, topped with pea shoots and radish.

Dessert: Brulé marshmallows, chocolate powder, Barrilito Rum caramel, dehydrated strawberries, DQ añejo Rum Ice Cream to make the mint “Mojito Ice cream“. Again, a very unique way of presenting a well known treat but with a complete separation, to enjoy them one by one, genius.

An extraordinary simplistic chef, along a well versed mixologist and ADT Events to introduce one the great culinary surprises in the Restaurant Category, the result: Pera Maraya a complete triumph!

1048-1050 AV. ISLA VERDE / ISLA VERDE / PUERTO RICO 00979  |  PHONE: (939) 437 - 4193  |


|  September 2017  |