Loma Larga Vineyards



         on Manuel Joaquin Diaz Escudero Alvarez de Toledo, grandfather of the owners of Loma Larga, personally imported the vines into Chile from successive trips to Paris and Burdeos. Advised by French oenologists he planted the vines in his own lands “Chacra Victoria”, located in the east of what is known today as the street Santa Rosa in Santiago. His dream and intention was of maintaining the winemaking tradition started by his own forefathers, all in the vein of producing superior wines and exporting them to Europe as they did and as recorded in a wine exhibition in Paris in 1889. To continue this dream the family planted the current vineyard of Loma Larga in 1999. Before that in 1994 studies were made of climate and soil to fully understand the potential of the “Terroir” Loma Larga. Today the vineyard has the great satisfaction of being a recognized leader in the production of cool climate wines in Chile.

The vineyards consist 100% of vines from the vineyard in Casablanca. The wine is produced in limited amounts on Fundo Loma Larga. With this purpose in mind the best quarters of the vineyard were chosen using highly refined procedures, producing an averaged maximum of 6 tons per hectare for the Loma Larga line and 9 tons per hectare for the Lomas del Valle line, all with the intent of producing excellent concentration and phenolic maturity in a cool climate such as Casablanca.

The grape’s slow ripening is due to the extreme temperature variation between night and day. Cold Pacific Ocean breezes  are what cause this particular phenomenon in the valley. This characteristic, coupled with poor soil quality in the hills, slopes and at the base of said hills has helped create an exceptional terroir for our wines.


|  September 2017  |