France  meets Italy

ADT Events and Ariel Restaurant devised a gastronomic superhighway that conducted educated guests to a tantalizing encountered with two of the most revered culinary schools known to man, rightfully baptizing it as France meets Italy.

This rendezvous took place at Ariel Restaurant, located at the Courtyard by Marriot in Miramar, Puerto Rico, an elegant bistro successfully owned by one of the most prolific chefs in Puerto Rico, Ariel Rodríguez, who was single handedly selected by the legendary Chef Augusto Schreiner, previous owner of Augusto’s, to be his successor at this prestigious establishment.

Chef Rodríguez mastery of the haute culinary techniques made him the perfect candidate to represent the French side of the tasting, and Chef Cristian Crostelli from L‘ Osteria was the true representative of the Italian school.

The evening satrted on the French motive with an Amuse Bouche which is an oyster with a Zabaione sauce made from the very oyster juice and a mushroom caviar, splendid and sophisticated.

Seconded by a Flounder which was a finely sliced flounder fish in a green sauce (basil, parsley, cilantro & mint) accompanied by a red Alder smoke, salt, grated burned lemon zest, lemon oil and finished with a zucchini flower in beer tempura and micro basil; very delectable as well as equally paired with a Miraval Rosado.

The second course of the soirée presented a Pheasant dish consisted of a smoke marinated pheasant breast with some dried fig and whiskey, well concocted and properly paired with a Massolino Chardonnay.

The Short Ribs Agnolotti was prepared as the third course of the feast, same that had the pasta filled with short ribs sautéed with sage, butter and topped with pumpkin squash butter; exquisite and tastefully paired with a Mirafiore Nebbiolo.

Squab was the medium for the fourth course, consisted of Squab pigeon confit sealed in frying pan with salt and pepper, removed to be finished on a Yakitori grill and kambotah charcoal that burns white instead of black and every time the bird juices fall into kambotah charcoal creates a white smoke and this gives the flavor to the birds, squad is server on top of farro serve with a mashed parsnip; extraordinary flavors and rightfully paired with a Côtes du Rhône.

Rabbit followed the path as the fifth course, a splendid dish prepared with a rabbit stuffed with pork Guaciale, garlic, mashed lilac potatoes and organic carrot on the grill; tantalizing and finely paired with a Il Fauno.

For the dessert and final course of the evening a masterful Yogurt came to light as La Dolce Vita made with a Panna Cotta yogurt accompanied by a lemon meringue, raspberry and coconut jelly along an almond biscuit; perfection and deliciously paired with a Benvolio Prosecco.

The closing of the astonishing display ended with the courtesy of the chefs, who provided guests some home made incredible candy hence complementing the mastery of their talent.

ADT Events is constantly raising the bar, case in point, this amazing encounter between two world known culinary schools and doing it in style, bringing two exemplary chefs to fulfill such complex task with extraordinary results.


|  September 2017  |