A Culinary Adventure

ADT Events is getting ‘wilder’, no wonder its way of thinking ahead of their time is at hand. Everybody can do a culinary event, get a great chef, serve great dishes, pick a great setting and a great place to enjoy such festivity, but only a mind that likes challenges will think of entertaining in a remote, troublesome but accessible location and called it: Gastronomic Tourism.

This is the case in point, where over 30 thrilled seeking adventurers participated in an evening filled with obstacles, frivolities, anecdotes, camaraderie, acquainting, and of course, a great feast at ‘Mesa del Cuco’ located in a farm in Ciales, Puerto Rico, on a sector known as ‘El Cuco’ named after a dark figure that translated to English will be the equivalent of a bogeyman.

The evening started with a meeting point for everyone of the participants, done on purpose,  to get acquainted over drinks in the area metro, from there the ‘crazy bunch’ drove to a second location and parked their vehicles, but why? Well, in order to access ‘Mesa del Cuco’, a four by four is needed,  so groups of five people took turn on the prearrange vehicles to be transported to the final destination, but that is not it, the entrance to the actual farm is in such condition that can only be compared to one of those earthquakes rides at a theme park, wild and joyful.

After arriving at the three story ’structure’ where ‘Mesa del Cuco’ is served, guests enjoyed nature from the highest point over refreshing drinks prepared by a mixologist, courtesy of 6 Degree Tequila, whose owner just happens to be a thrill seeker and was a participant of the soiree.

Last but not least was the presentation of the dishes, on this occasion from the mastery of Chef Tito González and Chef Carlos Burgos.


|  September 2017  |